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About Capital Concrete & Masonry

Robert Carlton

Robert Carlton has grown up in Florida’s masonry industry as a third generation mason and he brings with him a unique perspective that few share. He began as an award winning masonry apprentice which culminated with his 25 years of experience into being a principal with Capital Concrete & Masonry Solutions. In all that time, he has never stopped giving back to our industry’s workforce development and his apprenticeship training efforts as an Instructor. He has been a leader in the masonry industry as Chairman for the State Masonry board and Board member for the State Masonry Education and Apprenticeship Foundation. In those years he has helped get passed important Bills in State Government such as the Concrete Masonry Education Act (CMEA) in which Governor Rick Scott has appointed him as Council Member to help oversee how the monies are spent for education and promotion of concrete masonry.

Robert is known and respected by every facet of our concrete and masonry community throughout the State. It is his vision and goal to produce the best possible experience and results for each and every customer we work for each day.